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  1. US DOT/IATA Lithium Battery Testing Requirements

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    The U.S. Department of Transportation, along with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) requires that all lithium cells and batteries be tested for safety prior to being offered for transportation.  The test criteria are listed in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Sixth Revised Edition, Sub Section 38.3.  These criteria are frequently known as UN 38.3.

    Testing Requirements

    The test criteria specify that tests be performed on all lithium cells and battery packs, and they must be completed prior to the first shipment.   These tests need only be performed once.  All cell types shall be subjected to tests T.1 to T.6 and T.8.  All non-rechargeable battery types shall be subjected to tests T.1 to T.5, and all rechargeable battery types shall be subjected to tests T.1 to T.5 and T.7.  The test criteria specify the number of cells and batteries that must be tested.

    The tests consist of:

    T.1: Altitude Simulation
    T.2: Thermal Test
    T.3: Vibration
    T.4: Shock
    T.5: External Short Circuit
    T.6: Impact/Crush
    T.7: Overcharge
    T.8: Forced Discharge

    Details of each test can be found in UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Sixth Edition, Sub Section 38.3.  This can be downloaded at:

    Each tested cell or battery must contain a Lithium Battery Test Summary to be eligible for shipment.  It is also required that manufactures and distributors make available the test summary using a standardized set of elements.  More information about the Lithium Battery Test Summary can be found at:

    When Excell Battery is involved in the design of a lithium battery, a discussion of the UN 38.3 test requirements will occur with the customer to ensure compliance with shipping regulations.  In many cases, a Test Summary can be issued based on the similarity to another tested battery.  UN 38.3 specifies that cells or batteries be subjected to the tests if the new design differs from a tested type by:

    1. A change of more than 0.1 g or 20% by mass, whichever is greater, to the cathode, to the anode, or to the electrolyte;
    2. For rechargeable cells and batteries, a change in nominal energy in Watt-hours of more than 20% or an increase in nominal voltage of more than 20%; or
    3. A change that would materially affect the test results,

    Helping to Save Testing Costs

    To attempt to save design cost, Excell Battery will discuss with the customer whether a battery Test Summary can be issued for a new battery based on similarity to a previously tested type.

    UN 38.3 specifies the procedures to be followed to ensure safety of lithium batteries for transport.  Additional regulations by the US DOT, Transport Canada, IATA, ICAO, IMDG (and others) cover the transport of lithium cells and batteries, and specific training requirements, that must be followed by all shippers of lithium batteries.

  2. Excell Battery Delivers Speed and Agility in Uncertain Times

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    The entire world has been thrown into a collective tailspin when COVID-19 morphed into a global pandemic. Together, we are living through an unprecedented crisis that is rife with uncertainty.

    As matters escalate, manufacturers of mission critical applications supporting COVID-19 need partners that can easily ramp production to deliver product quickly ensuring source of supply.

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    Manufacturing Operations

    Because Excell is a critical supplier of products to both oil and gas and medical customers, our business is considered essential during this time. Our factories in North America will remain open and operational and positioned to respond fast to OEM requirements. The following Excell manufacturing facilities are operating at normal production levels and will continue to operate as needed to support our customers.

    • Vancouver, Canada
    • Calgary, Canada
    • Mississauga, Canada
    • Houston, TX USA

    Given the current supply chain situation, it is more important now than ever before to partner with a supplier who can provide North American manufacturing to mitigate risk. Excell will continue to provide speed and agility during these times ramping production to meet our customers requirements.

  3. COVID-19 Medical Devices

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    Excell Battery mitigates supply chain concerns supporting emergency battery demand for COVID-19 medical devices

    Excell Battery is proud to be a valued supplier responding quickly to the needs of medical device manufacturers supporting the COVID-19 pandemic including ventilators, air purifying respirators and more.  Excell provides medical device manufacturers the ability to diversify their supply chain with North American manufacturing facilities, mitigating supply chain risks.

    Contact us: Email Us or Call: 1-708-668-6614

    “I am very proud of our employees across our four factories for their commitment in supporting OEMs in need of urgent supply for COVID-19. They have and will continue to work hard during this pandemic to ensure we are supporting the needs of both patients and healthcare workers,” said Ian Kane, CEO.

    Our team of dedicated employees in our factory’s sites in Canada and the US are working hard to deliver on urgent requests from the medical device OEMs supporting the critical medical devices for COVID-19 patients and healthcare workers.  Our employees in all factories are cross trained to assist and support each other for urgent ramps in volume.

    Due to our in-depth experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry, Excell responds to urgent requests by ramping up suppliers and production capacity to fulfill customers’ requirements.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for uninterrupted supply chains, indicating that governments should commit to making available all necessary resources to combat COVID-19 with minimum delay and ensure that cross-border medical and other essential goods supply chains are able to function effectively and efficiently.

    Excell Battery continues to play a key role in this and we are focused on ensuring we maintain a reliable supply chain. Our four factories in North America continue to operate, as we are determined to be an “essential businesses” through our supply of battery solutions.




  4. Excell COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

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    Dear Customer

    At Excell Battery, serving our customers is part of Our DNA. Nothing is more important than protecting the safety of our employees, customers and communities.
    We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and taking steps to minimize risk and manage the integrity of our business.

    Excell Battery has implemented a Business Continuity plan (BCP) to ensure the continuity of operations in the event of an unplanned business interruption. Most of our supply chain is located in North America and the four Excell Battery factories are located in different North America geographies thereby reducing potential risk of business interruption.

    We have also deferred nonessential business travel and are enforcing a stay-at-home protocol for anyone who is ill or has been exposed to someone who is ill.

    Excell Battery have a proud track record of achievement and a long history of supporting our customers through turbulent times. We remain dedicated to helping our customers, colleagues and communities where needed.

    We have experienced no interruptions in any of our operations to date and are fully able to respond to all our current customer commitments and welcome the opportunity to respond to any unexpected requirement that arises.


    Ian Kane CEO

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