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Criterion 3 Battery Monitoring Solutions
Criterion III Dashboard

The gauge monitors & records:

  • Time
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Peak Current
  • Temperature
  • 3 axis Shock and Vibration
  • Calculates Capacity Used

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New Key Features

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Not Dependent on Battery Voltage. Our Interface Box contains a power injection feature to allow data download even with a completely dead battery. .


User Configurable Logging Intervals and Sleep Modes. The onboard 8MB of memory can be configured by the user to ensure optimal usage depending on how many hours the battery will be used in its application.  The user can also configure how the gauge goes into sleep mode so that memory is not needlessly used when the battery is not discharging.

Customized Battery Cables

Connection to the battery is accomplished by a cable from the Interface Box, and the cable can be customized to attach to the battery even while in the battery barrel.

Criterion III Battery Cord

Criterion III Features

Criterion III Dashboard

Built from the ground up

We designed our hardware and software from the ground up to meet the needs of our clients. The goal of our software was to produce a clean and intuitive interface that allows the user to access and manipulate their data effortlessly. Our hardware was built to be the most reliable, repeatable and accurate battery monitor on the market.

Intuitive, Ease of Use

Access the data how you want to; effortlessly manipulate, save, view, compare and export. Plug and play from hardware to your computer.

Criterion III Dashboard
Criterion III Dashboard

Accurate, Repeatable & Reliable Data

Our sensors reliably and repeatedly records your current, shock, and vibration data above the industry standard at a sampling rates of 1000Hz.


Accurate capacity measured and corrected using temperature and current. Displayed as an Absolute (AH) or as a Percentage used.
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Criterion III Dashboard

Industry Standard

Gauge communicates using the industry standard CAN Bus protocol to facilitate gauge to tool communications.

The List Goes on...

Software Distribution

Our Criterion III app is distributed through the Chrome Store ensuring that you are always using the latest version.

Powerline Modulation

Ability to gather gauge data over powerline. No dedicated connectors required to communicate between interface and gauge.

Aluminum Interface box

Solid rugged construction with customized cables to connect to battery.

High Temperature Battery Packs

Why Excell?

Experience & Knowledge

Our laser focus on the battery and charger markets in North America provide us with a knowledge base that is world class.

Reliable Service

Our teams are based in North America so we can service your business needs in a timely, clear, and understandable approach.


We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships of trust and value where becoming a partner is not just a slogan.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certification

Exceptional record of quality and service for over 30 years and ISO 9001 certification ensure that your battery packs are made right every time.

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