Hand held Technologies

All types of handheld products from computers, scanners, radios, to measurement tools are using battery packs to power the different applications. Smaller and lighter weight cell chemistries continue to give products new competitive advantages and unique operating ranges. Excell’s relationships with Tier 1 cell manufactures creates advantages for these products through our understanding of different chemistries and design trade-offs to help achieve the OEM’s design goals.

There are more and more handheld products being designed every day. The costs of materials (mostly cells) continues to decline so new handheld products are being developed all the time.

Whether in the inventory control, mining, geosurveying, handheld computer space or other portable handheld markets we have a wide array of experience in helping develop handheld battery packs and chargers. Our years of experience will ensure your product hits the quality and cost targets for your product to drive a successful product launch.