Excell’s Ethics

Collaboration: We value open, respectful collaboration at all levels.

Empowered: We decide how to achieve our goals, and are empowered to go for it

Accountability: We strengthen individuals through mentorship, leadership and accountability

Knowledge Sharing: We share information and knowledge to build a strong team

Continues Improvement: We use successes and failures to drive continuous improvement

The guide to Excell’s global conduct policy (“Code of Conduct”) is based on our DNA and contains the fundamental principles of how Excell conducts business. This DNA impacts all of our relationships with Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Community and Shareholders.

All employees are expected to understand and appreciate the ethical considerations of our decisions, and through our actions and decisions, reaffirm our long-standing commitment to a culture of corporate and individual transparency, accountability, integrity, humility, and safety.

Excell’s position is that bribery and corruption are unethical and unacceptable and are inconsistent with our values and our Global Code of Conduct.

Each of us makes decisions every day that may have financial, human and ethical implications. As a member of the Excell team, it is important that we understand and fully comply with our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct emphasizes the personal responsibility each of us have to act.

We know that there is no way to provide rules of conduct that will apply to every possible situation. Excell has established a broad values-based Code of Conduct which sets minimum goals and provides guidelines to cover the most common and most sensitive situations. Excell has other published policies that help us to live out our shared values and principles, and that all of us are responsible for being familiar with all the policies and rules that apply to our job duties.

Excell’s reputation with its stakeholders is entrusted to each of us as individuals. We thank each of our valued employees for their ongoing commitment to our shared values and ethical leadership, which are vital to our continued business success.