Criterion App Features


Displays real time Voltage and Capacity Used as well as live readings of Temperature, Current and Vibration. Other information such as Manufacturing Date and Serial Number, and a User Notes field are also displayed.


Highly graphical display of all logging information recorded. User selectable, multi axis scales, specific point value labels, unlimited zoom levels. Easy export of data and graphs for reports and data sharing.


Full function depassivation featuring default parameters specific to the type of battery. Real time depassivation progress pop-up screen display the depassivation procedure progress.


Interface Unit settings, Unit Preferences, Depassivation Defaults, and Chart Options for graphs, including new “Dark Mode”, can be selected here.

Multiple Scaling

All recorded logging measurements can be displayed in one graph with multiple Y-axis’ enabling an easy and clear view of all data.  Individual scales can be positioned on either side of the graph as desired.

Locating Extrema Point

Extrema shows the maximum and minimum values for all displayed logged measurements while also giving the ability to locate each extrema data point along with its date/time stamp.

Logging Intervals

Each logged measurement’s logging interval can be individually set determining the resolution of the downloaded data.  By selecting a logging interval, the effect on CR4 gauge memory duration can be seen along with an estimation of download time.

Inject Power

In the event of battery depletion, the Interface Unit can be used to inject power to wake gauge and allow the download of the logged measurements.

Data Files

All data files downloaded from CR4 are formatted as *.ebl files and listed in the Analysis section.  Functionalities include import and export of ebl files to other locations including cloud storage.