CR4 Frequently Asked Questions

If my battery is fully depleted, can I still download the data from the CR4 gauge?
Yes, by connecting the battery to the Interface Unit (IFU) and selecting "Power Inject" on the Dashboard, the gauge will be provided sufficient voltage in order to wake and then download its data as normal.
Do I need dedicated communication lines for the Criterion gauge in order to configure and download the logged measurements?
Excell Battery developed two versions of the gauge: 1. a CAN bus version which requires 2 dedicated lines plus the power lines, and 2. a Powerline Modulation Version that only requires power lines. The functionality of both versions is exactly the same with the exception being that the Powerline Modulation version download speed is slightly slower than the CAN bus version.
How can I shortern the download time of the logged measurements?
When a battery containing a CR4 is prepared for use, two steps must take place: 1. set the clock to agree to current time, and 2. select a logging interval. When setting the logging interval, a tool is provided that gives and estimate of the download time at that setting. The logging intervals can be adjusted up or down depending on the customer's requirements for a fast download speed.
How can I share downloaded data files with others in my organization?
The Criterion App provides two ways to share data: 1. the data can be exported and saved to the computer hard drive or other memory device as normal, or 2. the data can be uploaded to a Dropbox account. This Dropbox account can be added to Criterion Apps on other computers enabling the data to be freely shared and moved between individual computers whether or not on the same network.
How do I receive updates to the App?
When a Criterion App update is available, a notification will appear on the App screen (provided the computer is connected to the Internet), and the option of whether or not to download a new version of the App can be selected.