Criterion4 Gauge

CR4 Gauge Key Features

  • High accuracy and high frequency measurement
  • Battery Capacity Used calculation based on discharge current and discharge temperature
  • User configurable logging intervals for optimum memory usage
  • Highly graphical software
  • Battery depassivation capability
  • Rugged aluminum interface box
  • Custom cable allows easy access to battery inside barrel
  • Power injection feature allows data recovery from depleted batteries
  • Sleep mode when not in use conserves gauge memory and battery capacity

Monitors & Records

  • Time of Day
  • Pack Voltage
  • Peak & Average Current
  • Temperature
  • 3 Axis Shock
  • 3 Axis Vibration
  • Rotation
  • Stick Slip
  • Capacity Used
Temperature Rating
  • -40°C to 165°C