In today’s market, Environmental, including Marine, batteries operate in a variety of high current-pulse applications that require low background currents and brief periods of high-current pulses over an extended period of time. Our battery packs power a wide range of applications and are currently used in subsea monitoring, subsea navigation, underwater surveillance systems, hydrographical survey equipment, acoustic release, mini beacons, ice flow monitors and current meters.

At present, the two battery technologies used in this market tend to be alkaline and spirally wound lithium cells. Alkaline packs tend to be large and heavy, and can be affected by wide temperature ranges. Whereas Lithium batteries are often preferred for high current-pulse marine applications due to their inherent long life and high energy density. These applications typically require a battery power system that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh marine environments. Long life and reliability are important as are safety and cost.

Excell produces a wide range of configurations using Lithium and Alkaline technology to the Oceanographic marketplace. We have the expertise to develop customized packs for oceanographic instruments.

Excell has a reputation for offering a quality replacement services for some of the most expensive battery packs used in the industry. We also provide a quality refurbishment service for many different types of battery configurations as well as fast and efficient turn around. All battery packs supplied by Excell  comply with national and international industry standards.