Downhole Batteries for MWD and LWD Applications

Battery packs manufactured by Excell Battery are engineered to withstand and operate in aggressive drilling environments commonly encountered around the world. Excell Battery’s downhole battery packs contain cells from the leading manufacturers of high-temperature Lithium Thionyl Chloride cells.

Key Features

  • High-quality and high-temperature lithium/thionyl chloride cells
  • With integrated Criterion IV battery gauge
  • Components capable of withstanding the temperature rating of the battery
  • Carefully controlled internal welds and solder joints
  • Proper selection of epoxies, encapsulants, heat shrink, and battery casings suitable for the application
  • Assembly techniques specific for high temperatures, high vibration, and high shock environments
  • All new components
  • Tested and Certified in accordance with UN Manual of Tests and Criteria

Criterion Advanced Battery Monitoring

The Criterion CR4 gauge and application is a new-generation advanced battery monitoring system that provides users with the capability to record battery usage and the ability to analyze downhole conditions.

Standard Downhole Battery Specifications

Part Number Description Cell Type Max Temp OCV Capacity Dimensions More Info
2EXL10518CR4 APS 10-Cell Battery with CR4 DDHR 150C 36V 28Ahrs 1.46" x 57.4" More Info
2EXL10404PLM Applied Physics 8-Cell Battery with CR4 DDMR 165C 29V 29Ahrs 1.46" x 46.6" More Info
2EXL10000CR4 Bluestar 8-Cell Battery with CR4 DDMR 165C 29V 29Ahrs 1.485" x 46.75" More Info
2EXL4910T EvoOne 10-Cell Battery with CR4 FatD 150C 36V 29Ahrs 2.096" x 37.724" More Info
2EXL4601EX Extreme Engineering 8-Cell Battery DDMR 165C 29V 29Ahrs 1.43" x 44.8" More Info
2EXL10073CR4 Tensor 8-cell Battery with CR4 DDMR 165C 29V 29Ahrs 1.485" x 46.6" More Info

Note: all standard downhole batteries are available with different temp ranges. 546546

Custom Batteries

Excell Battery offers full-lifecycle custom battery design capabilities. We develop full solutions from engineering, manufacturing, to recycling. All of our battery solutions integrate cells from the most advanced cell manufacturers in the world.

See our Battery Design page for more details. Contact us for a custom quote.