Excell Battery Recycling Policy

Lithium-ion batteries have seen a dramatic increase in adoption. Phones, computers, and even cars now rely on Lithium-battery technology. It has become popular in large due to its promise as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solution. Recent breakthroughs in Lithium-ion technology have made the technology much safer, longer-lasting, and more affordable.

At Excell, we continue to look for ways to provide more energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions to all of our customers in a myriad of market segments. Although Lithium-ion has the longevity benefit which means that there is less to be recycled, recycling programs are key to ensuring a greener future. Excell understands the importance of recycling in the battery industry and provides a recycling program to all their customers, continuing to support our environment.

Excell provides a full recycling service upon request, to its registered customers for all battery products manufactured and sold by Excell.

Excell utilizes authorized transportation agents to ship recycled spent batteries to registered and authorized agencies where recycling and destruction takes place in an approved environmentally responsible manner.