Medical Equipment

The Medical Community is constantly on the cutting-edge of new technology. Excell is in a unique position to supply this ever-changing market with the cutting-edge battery technology to power these new devices. Li-Ion offers the highest power availability in the smallest footprint, thus allowing Medical Devices to become more powerful and yet smaller at the same time.

Our highest commitment to safety also gives the Medical Customer the confidence to know that they are receiving a highly reliable and safe Li-Ion battery. Each Excell Li-Ion battery has imbedded safety protection in the form of a Safety Circuit. This circuit will ensure that the battery operates within a safe and secure range both during charge and discharge. This circuit can also be customized to include a fuel gauge, date code, cycle information, etc.

For Medical Companies that are looking for a more price-sensitive, reliable battery, Excell also builds an extensive array of different Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs. NiMH is a tried and tested chemistry that is a good fit for many medical applications.

For motive or stand-by type applications Excell also boasts a strong lineup of Lead Acid products. Depending on customer specification, Excell can make custom packs or provide a wide variety of single cell options to suit the application.