Industrial Instrumentation

More and more products are using batteries of some sort to achieve the designer’s goals. We have worked on a wide variety of products with applications that are varied and unique.

There are more and more handheld products being designed every day. The costs of materials (mostly cells) continues to decline so new handheld products are being developed all the time.

Whether in the inventory control, mining, geosurveying, handheld computer space or other portable handheld markets we have a wide array of experience in helping develop handheld battery packs and chargers. Our years of experience will ensure your product hits the quality and cost targets for your product to drive a successful product launch.

If you have an application where you think battery power makes sense contact us to help pencil out a solution. If it makes sense at a high level, the Excell team will help dial in the details and lead a successful design effort on time and on budget.