Battery Industry Begins Public Safety Campaign against Misuse of Li-Ion Cells in E-Cigarettes

Oct 25, 2022 in News

This past week the AP news released an article detailing the misuse of Li-Ion cells in e-cigarettes. The article details the danger of using the “18650” cells, and how they were never intended to be used in the stand alone application like e-cigarettes.

The article opens with:

Leading battery manufacturers and industry trade groups have begun a nationwide consumer awareness campaign called B e-cigarette safe that cautions users of e-cigarette and vaping devices of the risks associated with the misuse of replaceable lithium-ion power cells.

Manufacturers of these cells, commonly known as “18650” cells, never intended them to be used as stand-alone power sources in e-cigarette and vaping devices or to be handled directly by consumers as loose, replaceable power sources. Doing so may put consumers’ safety at risk.

Read the full article here: Misuse of Li-Ion cells in E-cigarettes