COVID-19 Medical Devices

Oct 25, 2022 in News

Excell Battery mitigates supply chain concerns supporting emergency battery demand for COVID-19 medical devices

Excell Battery is proud to be a valued supplier responding quickly to the needs of medical device manufacturers supporting the COVID-19 pandemic including ventilators, air purifying respirators and more.  Excell provides medical device manufacturers the ability to diversify their supply chain with North American manufacturing facilities, mitigating supply chain risks.

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“I am very proud of our employees across our four factories for their commitment in supporting OEMs in need of urgent supply for COVID-19. They have and will continue to work hard during this pandemic to ensure we are supporting the needs of both patients and healthcare workers,” said Ian Kane, CEO.

Our team of dedicated employees in our factory’s sites in Canada and the US are working hard to deliver on urgent requests from the medical device OEMs supporting the critical medical devices for COVID-19 patients and healthcare workers.  Our employees in all factories are cross trained to assist and support each other for urgent ramps in volume.

Due to our in-depth experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry, Excell responds to urgent requests by ramping up suppliers and production capacity to fulfill customers’ requirements.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for uninterrupted supply chains, indicating that governments should commit to making available all necessary resources to combat COVID-19 with minimum delay and ensure that cross-border medical and other essential goods supply chains are able to function effectively and efficiently.

Excell Battery continues to play a key role in this and we are focused on ensuring we maintain a reliable supply chain. Our four factories in North America continue to operate, as we are determined to be an “essential businesses” through our supply of battery solutions.