Excell Battery Launches Criterion iQ Li-Ion Intelligent Battery Packs for Industrial, Medical and Utilities Applications

Jan 23, 2023 in News

Excell Battery, a subsidiary of Ultralife Corporation, today announced the launch of Criterion iQ, a cutting-edge intelligent Lithium-Ion battery pack designed for industrial, medical, and utility applications. This new technology includes features such as battery fuel gauge, state of health monitoring, and real-time communications through SMbus, all housed in a compact and rugged casing.

Criterion iQ was developed to address customers’ demand for reliability in critical devices. It provides real-time, accurate battery state of health information, allowing for maximum device usability and reliability in applications where the devices’s operation is of paramount importance, such as medical and safety/PPE equipment, field instrumentation, and industrial environments with critical infrastructure such as utilities monitoring.

“Criterion iQ addresses the requirement for real-time communication and a detailed understanding of the device’s status,” explains Ian Kane, President & CEO of Excell Battery. “While this capability has previously been available for specific applications, Excell is now making it a standard feature that can be easily obtained off the shelf, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming custom development.”

Criterion iQ Li-Ion battery packs are available with black box data logging, rugged hard-case housing, and can be customized to meet ATEX/HazLoc compliance requirements, making them suitable for challenging environments and regulatory requirements found in a wide range of industrial, medical, and utility applications. They are available in standard voltages and customizable versions and are designed and manufactured in North America.

An overview of the Criterion iQ Li-Ion Intelligent Battery Packs will take place in the technical webinar “The Next Generation of Intelligent Battery Packs” at 9 AM ET, 12 PM ET, Thursday, January 26.  Register here to participate.

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