Excell Battery Delivers Speed and Agility in Uncertain Times

Oct 25, 2022 in News

The entire world has been thrown into a collective tailspin when COVID-19 morphed into a global pandemic. Together, we are living through an unprecedented crisis that is rife with uncertainty.

As matters escalate, manufacturers of mission critical applications supporting COVID-19 need partners that can easily ramp production to deliver product quickly ensuring source of supply.

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Manufacturing Operations

Because Excell is a critical supplier of products to both oil and gas and medical customers, our business is considered essential during this time. Our factories in North America will remain open and operational and positioned to respond fast to OEM requirements. The following Excell manufacturing facilities are operating at normal production levels and will continue to operate as needed to support our customers.

• Vancouver, Canada
• Calgary, Canada
• Mississauga, Canada
• Houston, TX USA

Given the current supply chain situation, it is more important now than ever before to partner with a supplier who can provide North American manufacturing to mitigate risk. Excell will continue to provide speed and agility during these times ramping production to meet our customers requirements.