Introducing Criterion 4.2

Apr 3, 2023 in News

We are excited to announce the release of the latest update (4.2) to Excell Battery’s Criterion 4, the world’s most advanced battery monitoring system for downhole applications. Criterion 4 provides users with the capability to record MWD/LWD battery pack usage and the ability to analyze downhole conditions.

The Criterion 4.2 update consists of several new features and improvements, including:

  • a new dashboard Layout that displays an Active Time indicator, indicating the gauge’s total active time,
  • a Gauge Mismatch Notification will alert users of possible short circuits or disconnections between the gauge and the IFU upon connecting, which can help avoid potential safety hazards,
  • printable status reports,
  • a Memory Erase button that wipes event and data log data, but keeps historical minimum and maximum data points and scaling variables for each category,
  • updated Shock Averaging from average to peak settings for both axial and radial shocks. This change will ensure that extreme events recorded are accurately reflected.

Download the latest update here or inside the application. You may also see the Criterion 4.2 update’s full features list here.


About Criterion 4

Excell Battery’s world-leading Criterion 4 technology meets the requirements of oil and gas downhole tool users by providing complete information on downhole battery pack usage along with the capability to analyze downhole conditions. Complete with an intuitive user interface, The CR4 is integrated into batteries and provides users with capacity used, voltage, temperature, shock and vibration, rotation, and stick slip.

Criterion 4 provides several benefits:

Our advanced smart battery technology also includes Criterion software: a sophisticated, intuitive, easy-to-use application for accurate data access and analysis

Learn more about our Criterion App and CR4 key features.


Excell Battery’s North American Supply Chain Advantage

Excell Battery offers a broad range of battery technology and technical support services to our customers that involve engineering and design support for new and existing projects, UN Testing services, and comprehensive battery pack testing services in support of client-driven applied research and development projects.

With a close-knit North American engineering team, North American manufacturing, and primarily North American suppliers, we are able to oversee the entire design and production process with speed and efficiency unaffected by offshore complications.

For more information, please read about Excell Battery’s North American supply chain advantage