More Than Just a “Link” in Your Supply Chain

Oct 25, 2022 in Resource

The phrases “vendor” and “partner” are often used interchangeably to describe members of your supply chain. However, when evaluated closely, they are two very different identities.

When one considers the definition of a “vendor”, it refers to a one-touch type of activity or a specific task purchase. For example, a butcher might argue that they provide quality, service, and price advantages. A customer may switch or change vendors without much disruption to their lives or businesses simply because there are multiple options that often change frequently. 

A “partner”, however, is integral to the success of their customers. Working together and seeking to understand each other’s business, they develop a synergistic approach to providing the best possible Total Procurement Cost. Partners in your business bring critical expertise and high-value resources. They are aligned, integrated, and committed to your success. In many cases, true Partners in your business will often place the interests of their clients ahead of their own, because ensuring the success of their clients translates to long-term stable success for both organizations.

Trusted “partners” will seek out solutions that can help you position your organization above the crowd of competitors in your marketplace. Your reputation in your chosen marketplace will be as important to them as their own reputation.

“Excell has been part of Lotek’s extended supply chain for a number of years. They work in concert with us so that they can manage their supply chain and production in alignment with our varying demand. This has been particularly important during the added challenges of the recent pandemic. Although quality, delivery and price are paramount, it’s the overarching value of the relationship “the partnership” in an ever-changing supply chain world that allows uninterrupted flow of product and continuous long-term business for both companies” – Michael Wroblewski, Lotek Wireless

Screenshot of the Lotek website homepage

At Excell, our focus is on becoming a Partner in your supply chain. We place the highest possible value on producing quality products, driven by our years of experience, our engineering and design team knowledge, our internal quality programs such as ISO9001/ISO 13485, and our commitment to value-added solutions. Many competitors will make similar claims, backing those claims up with facts is often the difficulty. Excell has developed and retained many long-term customers over our 35+ years in the industrial battery pack solutions markets. When we use the term “Partner” in your supply chain, it’s not just another claim.

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