Thoughtful Design for Hazardous Environments

Dec 6, 2022 in Resource

Over our 35 years, we have honed the ideal balance between innovative design and unyielding safety standards. Customers operating within hazardous locations (HAZLOC) face a host of safety-related complexities. All of the manufacturing – from the largest machinery, down to the smallest battery unit, must comply with the governing country’s safety requirements. The HAZLOC classification was the standard in North America. However, the US and Canada are moving towards the IECEx system, which closely resembles its EU counterpart, the ATEX system.

How do we do it? At Excell, the design process and regulatory requirements work in tandem with each other. All battery pack components are designed to operate seamlessly within their intended environments. Our engineers design with the larger safety picture in mind. Understanding that these certifications are stand-alone is a guiding factor in the engineering process. Despite their regulatory similarities, IECEx and ATEX-certified products cannot automatically be used together. Products must be rigorously re-tested in a certified lab before they are approved for use together in a specific hazardous environment. This process can be incredibly costly and frustrating for HAZLOC customers. With our world-class lab testing facilities, our Excell team helps customers navigate their unique safety requirements. 

The ability to provide an integrated battery solution that satisfies the strictest safety standards is one of the cornerstones of our business. Customers operating under HAZLOC/IECEx/ATEX guidelines can rest assured that Excell products meet the most exacting standards.


Learn more about ATEX/HAZLOC/IECEX certifications in our white paper.