When Long Term Deployment and Very High Pulse Capability are the Design Goals … Tadiran “PulsesPlus ™ Series Packs” rise above the crowd!

Oct 25, 2022 in Resource

The Primary Lithium Thionyl-Chloride Chemistry still resides at the top of the “energy density” chart, significantly higher than all other battery chemistries on the market today. It is also “at home” and comfortable over a wide temperature operating range of -55°C to +85°C. This operating temperature range makes this chemistry a standout for applications deployed outside over long periods of time, for example, utility gas meters, remote data logging and monitoring, the industrial applications for this chemistry are endless and varied.

When designing with this chemistry, one needs to be informed about the two different “construction types” that exist in the Lithium Thionyl-Chloride world. These two construction types are commonly known as a “Bobbin Construction” or a “Spiral Construction” Cell. In the interest of keeping this document short, the construction types are based on how the active material is placed inside the can. What is most important are the characteristics of these construction types and selecting the correct type that best fits the application. Bobbin cells allow for the highest capacity cell in a specific “can size”, however, they are rather limited in the ability to handle high current pulses. Spiral cells can easily accommodate high current pulses, however, there is a significant trade-off in capacity. A typical “D Size” Bobbin cell is rated at 19 Ah while its counterpart Spiral cell is rated around 13 Ah.

Getting the best of both worlds, the highest energy density / Capacity, and the ability to deliver Very High Current Pulses when required, is where Tadiran delivers the ultimate solution with their “PulsesPlus ™ Series Packs”. The combination of Bobbin Cells integrated with Tadiran’s High Layer Capacitors, results in the longest field run time and pulse delivery on demand.

About Excell Battery and Tadiran Distributors

Excell Battery Company is unique among Tadiran Distributors … we have been certified to construct Pulses Plus Packs in our production facilities. There are limited Master Tadiran Distributors that have both the ability and the certification to design and build these types of packs at a local level … we would love to hear from you.